MTM Program

Our custom shirting program is simple. It’s worked for over 50 years for the best retailers in the world.

But don’t confuse simple with dull. Our program is extensive, thorough, and designed to deliver your customer the best shirt they’ve ever worn.



13 measurements are taken to ensure your customer’s pattern will be correct. These measurements are taken with the aid of a try-on shirt and collar. Our try-on shirt system, inclusive of chest sizes 38” – 58”, allows your customer to feel the shirt on their body before anything is ordered. The same is done with a separate collar try-on, inclusive of quarter sizes from 14”-20”. The process, which takes roughly 5 minutes, will provide you and your customer the confidence the shirt being ordered will be perfect.


From wonderfully casual broadcloths to exquisite Swiss cottons, rich ginghams to classic Bengal stripes, the Individualized Shirts fabric collection is comprised of over 400 styles. While we maintain a fresh and dynamic collection, you are sent new swatches every week, compliments of us. These are housed in two gorgeous binders our retailers have been proudly displaying since the beginning.

Our long-standing relationships with the best mills in the world – Albini, Alumo, Tessitura Monti, to name a few – ensures your customers’ access to the best fabrics at a value unmatched.

Product Details:

Not much has changed in men's dress shirts over the past 50 years. With over 100 collar styles, dozens of cuff and pocket details to choose from, even your most contemporary customer will be satisfied. All shirt details are selected using a provided brochure, complete with illustrations and specifications.

For more detail on our shirt styling, head to our Features page.


Helping you grow is at the core of our business. We provide training and sales support in store, onsite, to our retail partners year-round through seminars and trunk shows.

For more detail, get in touch with a brand representative: Contact us.

To watch a short video on how this all works, see below: